Will A. New York

Terrorism Needs to Stop

I talk about terrorism, our nation's children, and taxes in this letter.

October 26,2016

Dear Next President of the United States of America,

I am concerned with the international problem of terrorism. We should try to use lots of effort to keep terrorists out of our country. You should also see through the option to abolish terrorism, mostly ISIS, from the rest of the world. The needs of others should be one of your first priorities.

I am also concerned with the safety of our nation’s children. Children need to be more safe than adults because they are the adults of the next generation. You need to address that we should be more careful with distracted drivers, and drunk drivers because when there’s a child in the backseat, that could cost your life, or their lives. You also should tell us that we need to enhance security for our children’s sake.

The last thing you need to be concerned about is taxes. They seem too high for the poor, they can’t pay them when they are low on money. It also seems the taxes for the rich are too low. Since they have lots of money, they have money to spare for taxes. And, maybe some of that money can go towards the poor so they can pay their taxes.

That is all I have to say. Thank you for reading this.

Yours Truly,