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Equality For All

This is a letter to the next president of the United States about equality and it's affect on our society.

October 26, 2016

Dear Next President of the United States,

I am a citizen of the United States, so it is my right to try to make this country a better place by voicing my opinion. I have watched your debates, speeches, and tried to learn as much as I can about you and the upcoming election. I have also seen many of the positive and negative aspects of our country. I would love it if you could take my words into consideration, and apply them to the future of our country.

One of the biggest issues of our country is racism. There has always been discrimination in the United States, but there are also many people who would like to resolve this. Muslims, African Americans, and Latinos are only a few ethnic groups that have been subject to racism. This is wrong, and we must do all we can to end it. Our definition of democracy states, “Democratic societies are committed to the idea that all members of a society have inherent human rights to life and liberty.” If we call ourselves a democracy, we need to start acting like one. A good start to addressing this issue would be to get our president to oppose racism and work against it. You are such a great political figure that people may want to follow your lead. You can influence them to help make all citizens have equal rights.

Another problem I feel strongly about is terrorism in the U.S. and abroad. Terrorism is often caused when groups of people want something major and nobody is giving it to them. As you may know, terrorists use fear, manipulation, and sometimes hurt or kill to get what they want. The forming of terrorist groups may start because of injustice, discrimination, or neglect. People need to feel that they have equity, freedom, and that they have a say in our democracy so that they don’t start terrorizing innocent people to get things they should already have. You can help with this by trying to earn your citizens more freedom and rights.

I completely understand that being president of the United States of America is no easy job. If you start listening to the people of your country, not only we will benefit, you will too.