Abby C. New York

Rights for Women

Here are some reasons why do not have, and need, complete rights for women.

October 26, 2016

Dear Next President of the U.S.A,

I think that you should focus at least some of your attention on women’s rights. During your first and maybe last term, I will be turning 14, and will be eligible to get a summer or weekend job. I would like it if my interviewer did not have a bias towards men, and I would also appreciate it if I got paid the same amount as a man for doing the same job. We women are just as capable, if not more, of getting the job done.

I also want to be respected. I do not want to be laughed at or snubbed because I am a short, skinny, stick of a girl. I would also like it if the president themself respected women. If you do, good. If you don’t, why not? Answer my simple question, of why not. We are just as respectable as men. We can be just as smart, just as fast, and just as strong.

Please excuse this outburst, but this idea is not insane. It maybe just different from the reality you have locked your brain away in. If this applies to you, get your head out of the clouds, and back to reality. We’re supposed to have equality. This goes for race too. “Black lives matter”. Get this country under control.