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The rising problems of America's Public Education System

The rising problems and loopholes of America's Public Education System starts blurring the America's future generation.

Dear Mr or Madame President,

As a witness of the current American public education, I am aware of the loopholes that are found in the current public education. The rising problems are affecting us in various ways, negatively, and it will affect our future generations as well. There should be a reform in the current public education systems.

About 30 years ago, the United States of America was the leader in the quantity and quality of high education, but today, our nation is is ranked 29th in the world. Even though the federal government spends more than 100 billions dollars on education yearly, the quality is not improving. Compared to South Korea as, their education is at much higher level despite the Korean government spends approximately 11 billions dollars on education. Their method is focused on hard-working, and students are in the environment where they can efficiently focus on their studies. The Korean Education department provides various sources of each subjects through lots of publications. There are websites that provides professional lectures to students with teachers who have high qualities of teaching. Korean schools provide textbooks to every single students and even workbooks so they can practice and keep studying at home. But the United States does not have various resources that actually help the quality of education; our resources for education is limited.

The American public education system is mainly focused on graduation rate, but not on students' interests and curriculums. Japan - ranked the 4th in the best education system in the world - has slid into the number two position: a combination of a hard work ethic and technology play a major role in making the Japanese educational system, and extracurricular activities such as sports, chess, and other such clubs have been proven to increase the educational value of a school system. The Japanese education is well balanced between students' hard works and their extracurricular activities. Through those combinations, their students are more willing to participate in school events and learn the values of experiences and school system. However, the United States public education is not based and not focused on students, but the graduation rate to build a 'good' images of school. If the educational department encourages students to participate more in clubs, it will create a good chance of increasing student contributions to school community and school system.

As a student and a witness of the current American public education, I believe there should be improvements in the system. I wish the federal government and the education department focus more on students' interests. The federal government can inject other countries' education systems in specific areas or specific schools to see how efficient the systems are and slowly make developments and changes to our public education systems. Changes through student surveys on the current education system can also help to improve.

Mr or Madame President, please take a good care of this country's education. It's for us, and it's for the future generations as well. We love this country, we want a good sake of this country and the nations. It's for the United States of America.


Seonok Byeon

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 6th Period

EWSIS 12th Grade Government - Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Pierini

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