Natalie B.

Racial Discrimination

September 29, 2016 Dear Future President: I believe the most valuable concern for our future leader is racial discrimination. The United States of America was created by our founding fathers because as a nation, we felt freedom was a very important factor. After, the recent shootings with darker skin people and police officers, people have been dividing themselves among races. It’s important the citizens in the United States see themselves as one and not as divided among their appearance, culture, or beliefs. In the past recent years, more attention has been brought to racial discrimination because it’s been publicised more with social media. These issues have been a problem for many nations for decades, but now videos of shootings have gone viral making more people think it’s a new topic. Stereotyping is a big part of racial discrimination because many people of a certain ethnicity such as blacks, are more likely to be questioned about a robbery because we stereotype them for being poorer and more likely to participate in thefts. What people don’t realize is plenty of other ethnicities have robbed places too, so why does the majority give blacks a bad reputation? This is just an example because sadly many people of other ethnicities suffer from these same problems. Stereotypes, judgements and labels based on physical features and external appearances of a person shouldn’t give any type of impressions and definitely doesn’t give our citizens the equality we promised. The future president should be concerned with these issues, because rebellions can erupt if these particular, touchy and personal topics are not addressed. We don’t want our nation to fall apart because we can’t get along due to something we can’t control. We don’t have the power to choose our skin color, so why should our skin color have the power to distinguish who we are? Racial discrimination shouldn’t exist in America, but it does so we should learn to avoid judging others and stick together by putting a stop to it. Yes, our country have evolved from slaves, but our citizens shouldn’t feel pressured because of their skin pigment. Let’s make a difference that will impact other lives for the better! Sincerely, Natalie