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Whats up with Women's rights?

Women's rights is a topic that should be taken very seriously however is usually not. Women are being disrespected and things should be done to make it stop.

Dear Next President:

Approximately 14.7% of women are in poverty, while only 10.9% of men is in poverty. Women's rights is a very important issue that I'd like to address. Women are treated unfairly and disrespectfully all around the world and it's getting out of hand. There are three very significant points I’d like to make.

The first point, and probably the most important, is that women are being paid less than men. This is ridiculous if you ask me. Women work very hard at their jobs and a lot of the times it is harder than men work. Men still get paid more? It brings us back to the 1950’s, when blacks were treated unfairly. Blacks finally won their freedom and got to do whatever, however, that happened over half a century ago. Women work so hard every day and shouldn't have to be put through that. This is important to the world and me because women put so much hard effort into their careers and should not be put down for that. To conclude, just give women what they deserve, a fair and good salary.

My next point is the stereotypes for women. Being called weak 24/7. People saying they are only good for cooking and cleaning. This is important to me because from a young age, little girls are being put down, being told they can’t do something because they're a girl or they're too weak. As they get older, things don't change. Teachers only ask for male helpers because they can only do the big lifting and girls aren't capable of doing it. Later on, as they get to their 20s and 30s, it still hasn't changed. People saying they can only cook and clean. Including they can only be a stay at home mother. This is important to the world because it can show young or old activates that they should teach gender equality.

My last point I'd like to make crystal clear is how women in some countries aren't allowed to go to school. This makes no sense, women are just as important as men and deserve to be in school. 61% of women do not attend school, we should change that to 0%.

To conclude, please make some changes for women’s rights next president. Make sure women get paid the same as men, children are getting taught about gender equality, and that all women should be allowed to go to school. Thank you.



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