Jonathan Duff Ohio


Why education is important and needed in kids lives and how it helps

Dear Future President,

Hi I’m a freshman named Jonathan. I would like to talk to you about our education system and how we may be able to improve it . I have some problems and examples to show you. I have went to web sites to find my information and facts. Education is really important in everyday life and I think I have ways to improve our education.

I have multiple examples of the problems of education in our country. According to Finding common ground “46 states may have adopted the standards but around a dozen states are backing out or considering backing out of using them” Also in Finding Common Ground “Regardless of how people feel about the Common Core they have led to many hot debates about education, and will continue to do so in 2014. ”This passage states that many states are backing out on using the standards even though how people feel about the common core which if they join it would help our education tremendously. Also from Center for American Progress ”Student learning is everything from different pathways to graduation, encouraging student voice in student learning, and encouraging them have a place at the table for larger conversations about their education. So often we focus on teaching, but it's learning that matters most.”

This passage states that we should focus on helping people learn instead of just teaching for a few minutes and then give them an assignment and ending class, we need to start helping with learning.

I have more information to speak to you about. According to the Center for American Progress “look at the education crisis”A Look at the Education Crisis – Center for American Progress. According to the passage “In the entire United States, only about 123,000 eighth-graders—or 3 percent—scored at the advanced level in reading on the NAEP exams. Again, this is not a misprint: Just around 120,000 eighth graders are doing excellent work in middle school English language arts in the whole country.” This passage states that not a very large percent of people are not getting in the advanced level on NAEP, so to help that we need to add some sort of pretest to get them prepared for the actual test. I think that would help the test scores a lot.

I want to talk to you about my opinion on the matter. I think we should focus more on learning and to help that by having teachers take time on learning and make sure every student understands it before moving on to a different subject. I also have some input on exams, i think we should add some sort of pretest to help students prepare and be ready for the test, i think that would improve the scores on the actual exams. Also to have schools go in at or around 8:00 in the morning because students brains work more efficient when they had a full night of sleep. Also to try to get all the states to use the common core would help our education tremendously.

I would like to thank you for your time. Also i hope you take note to what i said for example to get more to do common core and to get teachers to focus more on the students learning than getting class over with and move on to a different subject. I think we will be able to make our education better. Also congratulations on being elected president.

Sincerely, Jonathan