Cody H. Georgia

Drowning In Debt

How will you handle the national debt?

Dear Next President,

Our national debt has doubled in the last eight years. The national debt is rapidly growing and it needs to be brought back down.

This is due to many number of reasons, war, trade, and the lack of jobs in the U.S. If we don't find an immediate, we will start to lose inventions in education and health etc…. We have been in the war on terrorism for far too long, and we caused it. It costs just as much to only have airstrikes and to not have both boots on the ground and air strikes. We also allow factories to go to other countries and produce their goods for very cheap. Some of these countries also enforce child labor, which is highly illegal in the US, yet we allow US companies to allow it in other countries. We don’t tax their imported goods which leaves us in very serious debt from our own companies.

One of the first solutions you should propose is to go all or nothing on the war on ISIS. This war has caused our national debt to skyrocket. We either put boots on the ground or we pull out of the war completely. We also need to bring back jobs to America, or tax goods that are imported from other countries that are sold to America. This will allow America to export more goods than we import, allowing us to decrease our debt.

Some may say that going all in on the war will increase our debt, well yes it will. But the war will end quicker, and it will give us more time to start recovering and worrying about our own problems.

Although this is the most important problem to me, there way other major problems that you will have to face, and we will have to trust in you to fix them. You will change this country in, hopefully for the better, which is a big task.


 Cody H.