Kirubel D. Ohio


Immigration is a problem and it needs to be solved.

Dear Future President:

Immigration is a big problem in the U.S.A., and it is getting bigger and bigger. Immigrants are coming in the US illegally which means that they escaped their own country and came in the US. My opinion to fix this problem is to make the border more protected.

According to Migration Policy Institute about 11.3 million immigrants live in America. Most immigrants come from Mexico to the United States. The immigration problem is getting bigger and bigger every year, last year alone 1.3 million people from other countries moved to the US. Also many immigrants in America come from Mexico. In 2010 12.9 million immigrants came into the US, and in 2014 13.3 million immigrants came into the US. (Migration Policy Institute).

Immigration laws need to be changed. All immigrants need is a green card, some immigrants lack of getting a green card. If u get a green card then it will be easy for you to get hear legally. After getting a green card and coming to the US then you won't be in harm or have to go back to your country.

Immigration must be stopped, it is a problem that most people in the US are worried about. Mr. President, I would like you to get immigrants green cards so they are safe and can't get in trouble.

Thank You,


Kirubel Dejene