Tristan Sherritt Ohio


We have a major problem that will kill us, the animals, and the earth if we don’t do something about it: pollution.

Dear Future President:

Have you ever wondered what pollution does to affect our daily lives? Some people don’t live to wonder that long because they’re already dead from the pollution. We need to find a way to make products without releasing too much pollution. While controlling that, we need to learn to be more conservative while maintaining good production and lowering prices on certain things.

Maybe you didn’t know, but over half of the world is having a problem with pollution. That is a lot of the world. According to the article, Pros and Cons of Air Pollution by Crystal Lombardo there are 1.5 million people dying over pollution year round. It’s not just people dying from our pollution problem, animals are dying too. More than a million sea animals are killed every year by drinking or eating something polluted.

It’s obvious that we need to stop pollution. Everyday we do the simplest things like driving a car, or releasing smoke into the air, these things pollute the air. If you add that all up, then, in time, we will cause our earth and ourselves to crumble all around us.

First off, I think that we should get rid of excess factories. Yes, we do need to manufacture products but all these factories contribute to our pollution and we need to get rid of them. If we do this we will need to lower prices on certain things like materials, or your everyday things like a car or light bulbs or anything else that causes pollution. We can also make different choices like riding a bike or walking to work or school, or making sure you turn off all of the lights when you’re not using them. Only you can enforce these new rules Mr. President, and if you do, it will reduce our pollution problem drastically.


Tristan Sherritt