Alejandro D. Georgia

The National Debt

The National debt has skyrocketed since the beginning of the 21st century It has to stop.

Dear Sir or Madam President,

Our debt is out of control we need stop it from increasing, taxes aren't helping at all unless we decide to multiply the current average tax by 8. Our debt at this moment is $19,764,497,265 according to The saddest part is that the debt refuses to stay at this number, it constantly increases by thousands every second.

We are spending extreme amounts on so many things some should be lowered like social security and our affairs in other countries. We can't allow this, America is supposed to be a world power and give an example to other countries. How can we expect other countries to get their acts together if we can't ours together. As a world power we have to get our debt out of sight to focus on the issues at hand like Isis.

I want a president who can bring this debt down which will help as an investment in our future because by bringing the debt down you can create and save jobs. So we have to look at what we're doing wrong and fix it. Ive researched what countries like Australia are doing and how we can get to a debt as low as 2 trillion. I'm a firm believer that this can be a reality if we do things like keeping our heads out of places where it isn't needed and where it could cause conflict. We also can't allow countries to expect our help and never pay us back.

You're probably thinking that everything we spend has a purpose in our country. I understand that but do we really need so much in social security I mean a lot of that money could be invested in education and our jobs. We could also bring down international affairs if countries actually decided to pay us back. We have supported countries like Afghanistan for years and we still have not been paid back. I understand that some countries we've helped are still in dire situations but at some point they should pay us back for stopping what sometimes could have been a catastrophe.

You out of all people can influence our debt and it will take time but I am and many people are passionate about this. I know for a fact that if the debt is fixed America will truly be seen as the world power it should be.


Alejandro D.