Daniel California

"HE For SHE"

Gender equality for women has been an issue for a very long time.

        Many people believe that women and men should not have equal rights and opportunities. Throughout history many people have fought for the equality of genders. However, there is not a single country in the world in where gender equality has been achieved. Moreover, gender equality should be supported because "all men are created equally", and because  it not only affects women but it is also affects men.

       Many people do not view women's rights as a serious issue to address. However, in the second paragraph of the declaration of independence it states that "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal". The fact that people do not acknowledge the fact that Women also have certain rights that can not be taken away is not acceptable. Ambassador for women's rights, Emma Watson states in many speeches how important it is for women to be treated equally in society.



La Quinta High School

Nadeau Period 5

U.S. History

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