Ashlyn California

Foster Care

Abuse of the foster care system

Dear Future president,

Congratulations on becoming president. The most important concern I have about our country is the foster care system. The foster care system is a good thing but there are some things that are bad in it. One of the bad things is how the foster parents are mistreating the kids. Mistreatment of foster children is highest for infants under the age of 1. Most foster parents are in it for the money so they use the money that is for the kids on other things like shoes. I think social services should do more background checks on the prospective foster parents.

Iā€™m looking for a president who could put what the people want first. A president that work well with people. One that can address the issues that come to them. They should be caring for the future of the U.S. Overall I think the future of our county is in good hands.

Thank you for serving our country!