Taylor California


Racism in policing

Dear Next President,

Congratulations winning a new job and I watched all the debates on TV, and you did a good job. My main concern for our country is race and police in our country. Racism is horrible because people of color they are not being treated fairly. Police need more training to stop killing people. And they need to help the community to stop having riots. I think that the policemen who are killing people need to get fired because they are killing people and that is not good to kill innocent people. Every police force should give extra training on how to respond to all types of incidents. If a person has a gun or something they do not have use real guns they can taze the person to stop them. Tazing is better than killing the person,as long as the voltage stays low. Justice reports find police arresting African Americans more, and for minor crimes. Black people and latinos are discriminated against because they have different skin color. We should have Equality for all people.