Brandon N. California

SAT Testing

The SAT is an unnecessary and ineffective test that should not determine an individual's "worth" when applying for college.

Dear future president,

After several months of rigorous training, the United State's troops are deployed into war. Their skills are put to the test in what feels like a life or death situation. These troops are not in the military, but rather high school students taking a test that will determine their future, the dreaded SAT test. The SAT test is a "prophet" and it can determine their future. 

The SAT test is given to evaluate student's reading, writing and math skills. But in reality, it just evaluates how good an individual is at test taking. A student'sworth in college should not be determined by one single test, but it seems like it. Students spend spend rigorous hours in boot camp, SAT classes, in preparation for this test. This just goes to show that the SAT test is really a test on how well a students takes or can be prepared for a test, not their knowledge, character, and other factors.The event of having a PSAT in order to prepare for the actual SAT just goes to show that one has to  practice taking this test to do well. Of course in order to receive a good score on the SAT, one has to be advanced in math and English. However, if students are advanced in these subjects but cannot take test well, the SAT cannot fully determine one's worth to college. The SAT should not be required for college. It is a poorly designed test that affects many students across the nation negatively. It causes unnecessary stress among students on a test that pretty much only shows how well a student can take tests under stress. 

The SAT test causes anxiety among high school students. It seems like among the popular topics to talk about in school, the SAT test always seems to appear. Studies show that the greater the level of test anxiety, the lower the score. With this in mind, a lower test score is inevitable because of how important colleges require high SAT scores in order to be accepted. Throughout a student's high school career, whether it is taking the PSAT freshman year, summer SAT class sophomore into junior summer year, the stress of junior year balancing AP classes and SAT, or college application senior year, the SAT test is always on a student's mind. From the beginning of high school, the SAT causes unnecessary stress and worry, which causes them to do even worse on the tests. Colleges do need to determine who are the top students, but the SAT test is not an effective method.

From a stressed high school student,


La Quinta High School

Nadeau Period 5

U.S. History

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