Stephen G.

"The Criminal System"

The crime sentences are far too low and let the rich get away very easily with a good lawyer which is why punishments need to be harsher.

Dear, Mr. president

There is a churning issue within our country and its judicial branch. The punishments for violent crimes are far too minimal in the court system, harsher crime punishments need to be implemented immediately. Once done will lessen crime rates and reoffending rates and will ensure justice is served to perpetrator. Action needs to be taken before others are hurt or even for the victims who fate is already sealed, they need justice for their experience.

Many criminals are not deterred from committing crimes from the current punishments in action. With a good lawyer even with undisputed evidence can often get off extremely easy with minimal sentences for violent crimes, these small sentences can be very forgiving. If they get off easy they are very likely to re-commit a crime. For example killing a prison officer only has a minimum of twenty years when outside of prison they would most likely get life in prison. In states that don't allow capital punishment, someone sentenced to life in prison won't have much repercussions for killing someone in prison other than a period in solitude. If someone killed you ,the president, current federal sentences would only sentence them to life in prison for which they might kill more people when they should be put to death. The minimal for sentence for kidnap of a minor is ridiculously low it’s twenty years. If they permanently injure that person for example a deep cut that results in a scar and or trauma the minimum sentence only increases to twenty five years when it will cause the victim a life of trauma because of the incidence.

The following is an example of a criminal getting off extremely easy for a violent crime.. Robert H Richards IV is the heir to the Du Pont Chemical Company fortune. He committed a violent crime where he violently raped his three year old daughter he was tried and convicted. His punishment? Probation for eight months he did not have a plea deal or anything that would lower his sentence he raped his daughter and basically got away without any punishments. The judges said that he was punished this way because “he would not fare well in jail” but that is point of jail. If there was a better minimal punishment justice might of been served but he knew since he was rich he could get a good lawyer and get away with it. This is ridiculous how he can traumatize someone and get away on probation for not even a year! If minimal sentences were increased he might of not commited the crime because he knew he would actually get punished.

There would be many positives to enforcing harsher punishments such as lower crime rates and less reoffending rates naturally. If the death penalty was enforced in every state for capital murder people would be and feel safer and criminals would be heavily deterred from committing murder because they know they would be put to death. Capital murder should include killing of policemen, paramedics, firefighter, children, multiply murders, murders in an exceptional violent way and murders for hire and other things the judges would deem the death penalty necessary. If we could increase the federal power over violent crime cases minimal punishments over all states would be easier to enforce and create more unity on these cases to ensure justice is served. To ensure the prisons are not overcrowded however we should lessen punishments on drug possession.

In short it's up to you Mr. President to help save countless lives and people from ruining their lives because they can think they can get away with a small punishment. We need to increase federal power in violent crime cases, make sure people know about these changes, lessen drug crime punishments and increase federal crime agency's budget so they can catch that bad guys.