ernesto p. California

Health Insurance for the Homeless

The homeless need to have access to good health insurance.

Dear Future President,

My name is Ernesto I’m writing this letter to notify you about a problem we have in the United States. Did you know that the American homeless people don't have medical insurance? In America, people who are homeless don’t have homes or any kind of services in case of an emergency. There are homeless shelters that can provide food or a place to sleep, but they don’t have any medication to treat sickness or assistance for mental health problems. Do you want America to look bad when other places like Mexico or Canada find out that American homeless people don't have medical insurance and are letting them die of illnesses?

An idea I have to help this problem is to get free medical insurance for the homeless people. We can add a small tax to car sales to get money to pay for the homeless’ medical insurance. If the tax was .1% and the average cost of a new car according to is 33,560 dollars, each new car would provide $33.56 a car. According to about 15.6 milion cars were sold last year which means about 523,536,000 dollars would have gone towards homeless medical insurance this year.

Another idea I had to raise money for homeless insurance was to have marathons in each city that has a large homeless population. Part of the entrance fee could be used to pay for insurance. The Boston Marathon costs $180 for United States residents to participate. According to it costs about $1.59 a meal to feed a homeless person. The city could take six percent of the entry fee and feed a homeless person for a week. If the Boston Marathon averages 30,000 runners, that is about 47,700 dollars for homeless services just for Boston after one marathon. 

This problem should be fixed. I’ve walked by a homeless lady who was high on drugs and talking to herself. I felt bad for her because she had no home and no help. I think that the President has the power to make the world better and lately they haven’t been using it right. I believe we should stop messing around with other countries problems and start focusing on ours. If the lady I walked by had help, she could stop doing drugs and get her life straight. She could get a job and a home. If that lady was given a chance to fix her mistakes she could do something good for the world.


Ernesto Palacios-Gomez

Health Science Middle School

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