Kathryn A. New York

LGBTQ Rights

The LGBTQ community is not well represented or protected and needs to be supported more by the government and the United States.

Dear President:

My name is Kathryn and I am a junior at Calhoun High School. One of the issues very important to me is the treatment of the LGBTQ community in the United States. I’m a part of the community, as i identify as bisexual. I’ve been treated unfairly and looked down upon for my sexualtiy many times before. It's a well known fact that many LGBTQ members in the United States are discriminated against and even assaulted or hurt. Thats terrifying to me, because i can’t imagine what people would do to me for just being myself. I think it is important to make sure everybody in the United States is treated fairly and equally and allowed to express themselves how they want because it is an American value.

The problem starts with how the LGBTQ community is perceived. Many of us just want to be accepted. There is a HUGE difference between tolerance and acceptance. To tolerate someone is to put up with them and hold yourself back from doing anything hurtful to another person. By that definition, just not punching someone for being gay is tolerance. But shouldn't you not punch anyone anyway? Shouldn't that type of behavior towards anyone be uncalled for? So why is it that the gay community has to settle for being tolerated, when it's a human value in itself? The answer is because normally we aren't tolerated. It's a huge issue that people think that because we're different we should just be tolerated and not accepted. Everyone is supposed to be tolerated in America. It's the lowest form of respect here, to be tolerated. We deserve more than to be tolerated. We deserve to be accepted and treated as equals.

The tolerance and intolerance of people towards the gay community has taken many lives. Whether it's by being assaulted or by being pushed to suicide by unfair treatment, the people who don't treat us equally are to blame. Some people aren't allowed to use the correct bathroom, people aren't allowed in certain places or areas, and some people are scared to go to a certain place or area due to the prejudice there. America was formed on being free and being able to think for yourself, but for certain people that isn't a truth. For some people, it's dangerous to be themselves. The LQBTQ community has been through many struggles. Some people aren't accepted by their family and outcast, some are physically hurt, and some even killed.

The LGBTQ community is a big part of society. The next president should try to include their needs in new bills. The gay community should be protected and treated like everybody else. There should be rules against violence towards them and equal treatment in all parts of the government. It's very scary for people to come out and be themselves if they feel as though they won't be supported in society.

Thank you so much for your time. It means a great deal that you would read my letter. I hope that you support my cause and find a way to improve LGBTQ treatment.



Sanford H. Calhoun H.S.

Ms. Finneran's U.S. History Class

Although the news on all the problems in the country can be depressing these days, the ideas of the students in my first period U.S. History class fill me with hope and optimism every morning. I love starting my day with them! They are a group of young people with passionate ideas and concern about the future. I am excited that they have this platform to share their ideas with you and hopefully our next president!

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