Benjamin K. New York

Climate Change

Climate change is a growing problem in the world.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

Hello my name is Benjamin K and I am an eleventh grade student in Calhoun high school in Long Island New York. The reason I am writing to you today is because of the very important topic of climate change. If not addressed climate can change our world for the worse.

As you may already know climate change is caused by heat from the sun entering Earth’s atmosphere and being trapped in the atmosphere by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. These gases being in the atmosphere is normal but recent human activity has caused the amount of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to grow. The activities include cutting down forests or emissions from cars and factories.

Climate change causes an increase in the global temperatures and affects more than just the United States. The increase in temperatures causes the melting of glaciers which increases the sea level. With the increased rising of sea level many coastal regions will be at risk of flooding or even getting fully submerged and no longer be inhabitable. Another effect of climate change is certain crops will no longer be farmable because the climate will no longer be suitable for them which will change the way many people will live their lives.

Many possible solutions are available to at least slow the climate change problem. One possible solution is to plant trees. If trees are planted carbon dioxide will be consumed and replace it with oxygen. Doing this will reduce the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and reduce climate change. Another solution to climate change is to limit the consumption of meat. Cows produce methane which is a greenhouse gas. If the consumption of meat is limited then less cows will be breeded causing less methane in the atmosphere.

Thank you Mr/Mrs president for taking the time out of our day to read my letter. Hopefully, my letter brought up points that will help you make a decision ad thank you for your support. 

Sanford H. Calhoun H.S.

Ms. Finneran's U.S. History Class

Although the news on all the problems in the country can be depressing these days, the ideas of the students in my first period U.S. History class fill me with hope and optimism every morning. I love starting my day with them! They are a group of young people with passionate ideas and concern about the future. I am excited that they have this platform to share their ideas with you and hopefully our next president!

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