michayla s. New York

Police Brutality and Black Lives Matter Needs to Stop

Its not about race.

Dear Mr/Mrs Future President,

On the news, do you see the rallies about black lives matter? Do you see on TV about a colored man getting shot and people just saying it's because they’re of color? I don’t like to see these things on the news and I don't think it's because they are a different race than the cop. I think that this should come to an end. I think that people should trust the cops instead of fear.

Do you see Black Lives Matter saying cops are being racist and how the only target people that are African american? I don’t think it's because of their race, I believe it's because of their class level. According to American Psychological Association that the most exposure to violence is the lower classes. Cops are just trying to go after where the violence is And As said by the Washington post, a cop has shot a unarmed white man just as many times as they have shot an unarmed black man. These are the reasons why black lives matter should stop because every life matters not just one. hope fully as are next president of the USA you will take care of the black lives matter situation.

One way to prevent a cop that was wrongly convicted of police brutality or a person that the brutality happened to. I believe one way to go is body cameras, because they are proof of something and you can re watch it as many times as you want and get every single detail. According to NBC News someone was wrongly convicted of a crime because the witness and victims were told to lie by one of the victim's relative. This is one example why we need body cameras for the police officers and the people. I am sure that a billion taxpayers will not want to pay money for that but as are next leader I am sure you will come up with a way to get body cameras for the police and the people.

Mr/Mrs president do you want to ended black lives matter and police brutality?. I hope you make the right decisions as are next leader and make the world a better place. Please take this information into consideration and get more information before you make a decision. I really hope you make the right choice as are next president.

Sincerely, Michayla Smith New York 

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