John B. Virginia

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrants tear America's economic and social morals apart.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

I write to you today in hopes to spark change in our country which we hold so dear to our hearts. But what's there to change? The economy’s thriving, we live in peace, all is well in American households right? Not quite, the United States core values are being diminished by immigrants crossing the border illegally. Little to nothing has been done to stop this on going threat to America's working class and economy.

Don't take things south, immigration in itself is a great thing. The United States was founded by Immigrants coming from all corners of the globe. Arriving to be greeted by the Statue of Liberty to signify that they have a place in our great robust society. Immigration is what makes our immense Nation rich in diversity and culture. You walk down the block, look left and right and see all races, ethnicities and backgrounds living as one, pursuing the American Dream. Few countries can boast the same.

When immigrants cross onto American soil without citizenship is where things go wrong. We're not talking a couple hundred lawbreakers here and there wanting to live a better life getting away from poor 3rd world countries either. In 2016 a census revealed that over half a MILLION illegal immigrants cross the border each year, and about 30 million already in the United States. Why are illegals so harmful to the U.S social and economic life? They Are metaphorically “ A bull in a china shop” for our very defined way of life. Illegals Immigrants take millions of jobs from unemployed American citizens, which some differ that Illegals take jobs that Americans “don't want to do”. Shutting down that common logic, regardless of if Americans want to or not, that is a job that 45 million ( or 14.5% of population) living in poverty could take. More detrimental to our economy, the majority of illegals don't pay income or federal taxes, but are still eligible to receive free housing, food stamps and health care benefits via good ole Uncle Sam. On top of all that, 12 BILLION dollars of annual tax payers money goes to give children of Illegal Immigrant families education. In more recent times as early as the start of 2016 we have the Syrian Refugee controversy. Migrants fleeing from a very savage, war riddled part of Saudi Arabia into parts of Europe and North America where they receive the same benefits as the Illegals crossing by the millions.

The main point i’m getting at is legal Immigration is why America is the great nation it is today, Illegal Immigration whether it be from Mexico, China, Europe, Africa etc. slowly decimated our fundamentals and is rapidly growing day by day. Illegals Immigrants as a whole get more benefits than the average United States citizen and it affects each and every one of us. Why give Illegals an advantage over a hard working, law abiding citizen? Only you Mr/Mrs president as our executive power, our commander-in-chief, can change this matter. Afterall, we don't let illegals take your job, why let them take ours?

Sincerely, John B

James Wood High School

Concerned Colonels

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