Gizall Pennsylvania

Gun Violence

Gun violence is a big issue.

Dear Mr. President

  Imagine you lost a close friend or a loved one today, who was innocent and never did anything wrong. How would you feel? This has happened to many people, including me and many innocent lives have been lost all because of gun violence. They still haven’t done anything about it, and nobody serves the time their suppose to.

  There has been 475 mass shootings in the past year of 2015. 13,286 people were killed. 26,819 were wounded. However, since Australia made gun laws, gun killings only been 19%. Also the drug market is a big contribution seeing as they have to carry guns with them at all times for safety. This affects people who killed, injured, and their families. Even innocent people who live their daily lives could be in danger. This is an important issue because there have been lots of shootings. Even though more was injured than killed people still got hurt and died.

  Some solutions they already have is more security. In the past 20 years murders committed with gun dropped 39% and other crimes committed with a gun dropped 70%. In addition, what else can be done is that they create gun laws and more strict policy with guns who can use/buy one. In conclusion, I want the next president to create gun laws to reduce the act of violence. In addition, I want them to acknowledge all the innocent lives that have been lost and the families who were and still are affected by gun violence.

                                                                                             Sincerely, Gizall Hernandez