Christian Pennsylvania

Gun Control

Christian Torres

Dear Next President

My Name is Christian Torres, i’m a junior at Olney Charter High school and a big problem in America is Gun Control. Gun Control is a serious thing in America because that’s giving too much power to people, so if a person decides to take a handful of lives they can. My solution to this problem is that to only let people only a pistol.

The death rate in America is too high due to gun violence. Thanks to gun violence, America experiences more than 33,000 annual gun deaths per year. More than 30 people are shot and murdered each day. Especially the tragic events like Sandy Hook or the Orlando Shooting, both of these tragic events took many lives due to high powered rifles. If he didn’t own a high powered assault rifle, less lives would have been taken. So this is why i think Americans should only own a pistol.

These are the reasons why gun control is an important topic. You should care because this is the reason why many lives are taken during shootings, many people own shotguns and fully automatic guns. That’s really risky letting people own these powerful types of weapons. So it’s best to let people only own a pistol.