Drake California

Minimum Wage

Raising minimum wage would result in a better economy and society.

Dear future president,

It has been a problem in our society for generations that people have been receiving too low of an income. Raising the minimum wage would have lots of benefits to the economy. For example, raising the minimum wage would increase economic activity and spur job growth. Having more money raised for the economy would create for job opportunities in the future for the people. Also, another benefit would be it would decrease poverty. This would cause many individuals living alone to be able to care for themselves and have a affordable lifestyle. Minimum wage has not kept up with inflation causing many workers to receive to low of an income. By raising the minimum wage, and would ensure low-wage workers to be able to adapt to our current economy. Raising the minimum wage would not only result in raise income for the lower class, but also for people who make above the minimum wage in a ripple effect. The current minimum wage is not high enough to allow people to afford housing and everyday essentials. The population would be a lot healthier in being able to afford food as some workers today have poor health, suffer from diseases, and are unable to afford balanced meals. It would increase school attendance and decrease high school drop-out rates. Students will not have to miss school in order to help around the family for money. Also, crime rates could be lowered due to people no longer have to steal in order for money to survive. Overall, raising the minimum wage would have lots of benefits to society and the economy