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Better Immigration System

Immigration in the U.S. is a major problem that must be stopped and dealt with immediately.

Dear Future President,

In order for the United States to have a stable immigration process we need to have a good leader, hopefully that will be you. Immigration is a big problem in this country and we need your help. People are coming into the country illegally, and that has to STOP. We need to secure all borders of the United States, especially the Southern Border.

The first thing I would do to fix Immigration is secure borders, hire more agents and have high tech monitoring systems. We will hire at least two times as many agents as we have now (which is 20,000 agents). The systems will cost three million dollars and would include high power electric fence, surveillance cameras and 24/7 patrols on all borders. What about the immigrants already in the United States? We have a plan for that too.

We have over 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. I would like for all those people to either take a citizenship test or they will be deported back to where they originated. We will treat them with respect if they follow our rules and regulations. If they don't follow our rules and regulations we will put a force on them. These two policies would greatly affect the flow, outcome, and success of immigrants on our borders.

This will allow not only for our economy to expand, but our population as well. As we already know a lot of people want to come to the United States and these policies will supply us with more jobs for U.S. citizens. These policies will allow the expansion of monitoring systems, border control, more immigration raids, and more citizenship testing. With all of these things combined, this will be a great immigration system.

To conclude this letter, I want to remind you that immigration is a big problem in this country. While the other ways to deal with this problem are good, but mine is the best way to deal with immigration. More agents, monitoring systems, raids, and citizenship test will allow for a great system. I hope this is helpful and that we can solve this issue soon. Thank you.

Sincerely, Elaina B.

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