Vic Minnesota

Freedom of Speech at College

Freedom of speech should be promoted on college campuses.

Dear Next President,

The first amendment is one of the greatest rights we have as Americans. However, young adults of today are being shielded from this great freedom during their college years. Exposure to other people’s beliefs and opinions is essential for preparation into the real world of adulthood. So I urge you, next president, to promote unregulated free speech on college campuses.

The fear of getting punished for speaking your opinions and what’s on your mind should not exist on college campuses. According to a survey done by the Gallup Organization, 54% of students said that the mood on campus prevents people from expressing their beliefs, as some people may find it offensive. Students go to college to get introduced to tons of new ideas while sharing their own at the same time. How is this possible if we strip them of their most basic right like some individuals want to do? Sure it will keep some students from being a little offended, but it won’t allow them the amazing experience of sharing beliefs and opinions while learning about other ones.

Free speech is the key to progressing your understanding of the world and people around you. It allows you to understand the stories of other people’s lives, and according to Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch from the Wall Street Journal is crucial to human happiness and progress. We as humans should try as hard as possible to always promote our happiness and success. Free speech is truly a great thing that we should be exposed to early on.

This fear of free speech definitely should not get in the way of students pursuing their majors. Students should not be fearful of reading or even touching important documents they are studying, which is exactly how some students from Modesto Junior College felt after getting chastised for handling a copy of the United States Constitution outside of a “Free Speech Zone”. This is a terrible reality of today’s society. The Constitution is one of the most important documents in the history of our country, and students aren’t allowed to read it in public? These students are paying an enormous amount of money for this education and definitely should not be scolded for studying it in public.

A major attraction of going to college is to get ready for the real world. While we are sheltering these kids in college, the real world lives by different rules where political correctness isn’t as intense. The transition between the two societies could be shocking for the students. This could affect their mental health, job opportunities, and many other things. Without preparation in college these students are ill-prepared for exposure to viewpoints they disagree with in future jobs or relationships.

Complete freedom of speech needs to be promoted at all U.S. colleges. If you, Mr. or Mrs. President, promote this great right that we have, it will improve a student’s chance of performing well in the workforce, and create more culturally aware people. This is truly something that all colleges should have for the good of their students.


Vic F.

10th Grade

South St. Paul, MN