Patricia Minnesota

More Breaks during the school year

Schools should be more flexible with students having more breaks.

Dear Future President , 

I believe that students should be able to have more breaks throughout the year. I'm saying this because students stress over homework too much. After a 6-7 hour day at school doing classworks and projects, students wouldn't want to come home and stress over homework. They would actually want to have some free time and also be able to relax and not stress over the thought of “I have to do homework” (​

Students think that having a break once in awhile throughout the year would make an effect on us as students. Extending the holiday breaks could also make an effect. This also could be a stress reliever because we get to spend more time with family and have the thoughts of having to do homework. Many days of learning, we need our brains to relax. (

This could also be a huge effect on teachers! I'm sure grading papers and homework assignments are not what teachers want to be doing on weekends and holidays. Students may think that us as students have many stressful assignments but teachers also stress over grading papers and assignments also, it's harder to do when students do not turn materials in. (​​)

Being involved in school could help a lot, but also many stressing things about school could make a student drop out. 78% of high school students dropout of school because of the stress on homework. (​​)

Sincerely ,

Patricia - A student from Minnesota 

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis - Hours 2 and 3

This is a sophomore honors class at St. Paul Central High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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