Mark L. Connecticut


Vaccines should be required to participate in any government program.

Dear the next president,

I strongly believe in vaccines. To have a safe community, vaccines would help prevent sickness or death for many people. While a majority of people choose to vaccinate themselves and their children, the people who choose to not vaccinate are endangering people who can’t vaccinate. People should be denied service to government programs such as schools if they don’t vaccine by choice.

People who don’t vaccinate by choice endanger others. By choosing not to vaccinate, people make themselves much more likely to catch the virus that they are not vaccinating against. Also, people who can’t afford to vaccinate themselves are being endangered as well, because anti-vaxxers are becoming hosts for the germs, helping them reproduce and infect more people. 

Vaccines have been proven over and over to help and not hurt people. If people are against vaccines and choosing to endanger anyone they’re around, what justification do they have? Even if they say they cause autism in children, which they don't, would you rather your kid have autism or die from the disease? Disregarding research towards vaccines and not vaccinating would be the wrong choice. Saying they are too expensive or basing the well being of yourself and others around you off a bias news article online is just endangering the public. 

By choosing to endanger others, people who can afford but choose not to vaccinate should be denied public services. Also, to keep communities safe, please consider promoting or giving cheap vaccines for everyone. I hope you consider taking measures to talk about or hopefully enforce this.



Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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