Kimberly L. Georgia

Rising Tuition Needs To End

Students suffer with the high cost of college tuition, and the prices keep increasing over the years.

Dear Future President,

    When students graduate from high students some don’t go to college because they can’t afford the high cost of college. This shouldn't be problem students should be able to start a better future for themselves by having the opportunity to go to college. The problem starts with having to pay such a high tuition bill. 

   Nearly “60 percent of students that graduated from college in 2013 are still paying debt from college” said article “Rising College Costs”. They are paying about the same amount as a home mortgage. The prices have been raised three times higher than they were two decades ago. This is unfair for those who want to go to college.Because of this over 25 percent of students who enroll do not go back for the second year. Another 44 percent will drop out in the four year colleges.

   To help the people pay for college the gov’t should help pay for college the gov’t should have a plan where families or students that earn 250,000 thousand less a year should not have to pay the tuition bill. They should also get to have a lower price on the books they need for their classes. The gov’t should also make community college a lot cheaper than it is now.

   Some may say that paying the cost for college is all worth they money spent because when you graduate you have a higher chance of getting a job therefore making you more successful in life. Yes, this is true but there are some who still will be unemployed after they graduated college. Also when attending the four years of college students are still living with their parents because they can't afford living on their own. Just because it makes you more successful does not always mean that all that money spent will be worth it.

   Being successful is a big milestone for many people in life and many should get the opportunity of going to college. Now we need to stop seeing so majority of students worried of going to college because they can't afford it. Seeing so many students in debt from their college tuition bill is not okay.


Kimberly L.