Gabrielle Lindenmeyr Vermont

Gender discrimination

Women are being treated unfairly because of their gender. This is what we must do to stop gender discrimination.

Gabbie, 6th grade

September 26, 2016

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I’m Gabbie, an 11 year old girl in Vermont, and as a women, I believe that the “Paycheck Fairness Act” should become a law.

I believe that women should get the same amount of pay as men for doing the same job.

I believe that women should be valued as much as men.

As president, and as a woman yourself, you should care about how much women get payed compared to men. After all, women are half our nation, and you have the responsibility of taking care of all the U.S. citizens. Right now, women have to work five months longer than men to get the same pay for the exact same job. How is this fair?

Furthermore and most importantly, all you would need to do to fix this would be to follow through with your promises to close the pay gap and raise the minimum wage. The Equal pay act would help make this happen by making sure that first, if there is a pay difference, it's not because of a person's gender. Second, It would allow someone to know if they are getting unequal pay by letting them see other person’s pay. And third, by making a higher penalty to the companies that continue with unequal pay. This would ensure that women wouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to getting paid fairly.

I’m hoping that as president, you will do this, as well as show equality to all sorts of people, as well as women. And because as a woman, I want equal pay for my mom, sister and myself,I may vote for you someday if you do this.


Gabbie Lindenmeyr.