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Gender Inequality Issues

The way men are treated better then women, should not be happening. Everyone should get treated equally no matter the gender. Genders do not define how good you are at something, so why should men be treated better than women.

Amber H


Billings, MT

October 19, 2016

Dear President,

I want to address the problem with women inequality, women for ages have been thought as lesser people than men. When no, men are not better than women we are all equal. Such as everyone should have equal pay no matter the gender you are, if a woman and man did the same job they should both get the same amount of money for doing it. But no they don’t, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research shows that for every full-time working female they make 80 cents for every dollar a full-time working man earns. That is not right, women should not be looked at as the lesser gender. The way you can help change this is by making a law that says “all genders should have equal pay if they all do the same job” that way everyone has to follow and respect it. That is just the right thing to do, unequal pay should have never even started in the first place.

A businessman is looked at as a professional and is well respected, businesswomen are not treated with as much respect because they are thought as weak. Statistics show that women in America that are taking place in workforce is falling behind other countries, the U.S was ranked last out of 20 countries. Trust Women and Change the World says that in the Congress women only hold 17 Senate seats out of 100 and only hold 92 House seats out of 435, how is that fair? Please allow women to run more businesses and do more in the Government and show that they are just as strong as men are.

Another thing is maternity leave, according to Cleveland, the Society for Human Resource Management only 12 percent of companies in America offer paid maternity or paternity leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 says that companies that have 50 or more employees, women are allowed to take 12 weeks off following their birth of their child. The thing is that it doesn't have to be a paid leave. Always let women have a paid maternity leave because they are going to need that money for the child. If they can't work for 12 weeks and they don't get paid how are they supposed to afford things? I don't see why women don't always get paid maternity leave right now, this issue should be resolved as soon a possible. It would help many women that are starting a family.

In conclusion, these are all the things I think need to be resolved for women, and there is a way for you to solve them all. Women should not be treated any less than a man is, so let's stop this gender inequality as soon as we can.


Amber H


Billings Public Library

TB - Billings, MT

TB - Billings, MT

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