Hannah B. California

How Can I Trust You?

This election has been one for the books

Dear future Mr. or Ms. President,

This election has been one for the books. It is seen as one of the most ridiculous elections in American history, and it truly is. One of the most nonsensical portions of it is the constant debate between Clinton’s emails and Trump’s tax returns. Even if these are preposterous and worn out topics they are also extremely serious.

Clinton’s emails is a giant scare to national security, with over 30,000 emails sent over a private sever. A person like Hillary, who is trained and taught to protect confidential information, there is no excuse why those emails were sent. She does admit that she did send those and “It was a mistake”. That is not a mistake that is 90,000 mistakes, she had to open the server, type the email, and then send it. If she was elected I don’t know exactly how I could trust her with even more confidential information if she was already so careless.

On the other hand Trump has not released his tax returns which begs the question if he has something to hide or not. Most people believe that he hasn’t paid federal taxes in years, which even though it is wrong it shows the loopholes that we need to fix. As my economics teacher Mr. Costa says “Why would someone choose to pay more taxes when they don’t have to?”. However, the fact that he is not releasing them shows more than him taking advantages of loopholes. So if he became president how can I trust him to actually change the tax system that we have.

This election has been absurd, filled with childish debates, blame, and lies. It is almost laughable that these two were selected as presidential candidates, and almost makes me question if I want any of these people trusted with the nuclear codes. So I ask you future president, what will you do to change my opinion about you?


Hannah Brunshwiler

Santa Clara High School

Seniors in ERWC @ SCHS

Santa Clara High School 12th grade students writing in periods 3, 4, and 6 of the CSU Expository Reading and Writing Course.

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