vincent m.

Letter to next President

Dear next president, The issue that i have and that you, the next president, should mainly focus on is the police control, basically the corruption of the police force. I never usually hear about the presidents I know usually talk about this and it worries and concerns me the safety of our country. Even with these cops I don't feel safe anymore because I feel like one day I might see my dad get gunned down by a cop or not even find out about it until later and learn my dad did nothing and then get gunned down for doing nothing. I hate the police department breaking their own rules and abusing their own power like they shouldn't, it makes me really upset and angry to know that these cops are doing these kind of these things they shouldn't. I hear the news addressing the issues but I never hear about the president usually addressing the issues himself about the police corruption. I would to hear you, next president discuss about these horrible things that these police do to our people, cops were meant to serve and protect our country, not abuse their power and beat people half to death or gun someone down for absolutely no reason. In Conclusion. About these police corruptions, I think you should, next president, should discuss about these things with the police department to get this under control and not let these corrupt cops abuse their powers. I hope one day one of these president will get this under control so we don't have to live in an unsafe country anymore.Per.2