Charly Guendulain Colin California

Gun Violence

Let's make guns illegal.

Dear President,

Something you should fix in American law is guns. Over 17,000 children and teenagers are shot in murders, assaults and suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, or by police intervention. 2,624 kids die from gun violence.25 children or teens are killed by police officers.

I remember a story my mother told me about one year ago of my uncle Ullices (that died from gun violence) was killed in the streets by gangster who shot him for no reason. This was in Mexico, but I wanted to tell the story so there could be a law in the United States where only soldiers, police officers and the army could use weapons and no one else could.

There are many incidents that happened this year according to, in July 4, 2016 an 18-year-old was shot on a Sunday night while trying to rob two people in a convenience store.If that's not enough,20 days later there was also a gun shot in a nightclub in July 25, 2016.If you think THAT'S not enough, in Sep 25, 2016 - An Illinois man was shot and killed on a Sunday near the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign later in which another person suffered a "non-critical" gunshot wound.

So that's why I believe that America should illegalize guns in the United States.

Respectfully yours,