Emily.B California

Sexual Harassment In Schools

Sexual harassment is a big problem that needs to end.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this all the way from Watsonville, California. I am currently a student at Lakeview Middle School. I have been concerned about sexual harassment in schools. Even though I have never been sexually harassed my grandmother,Mary, works sometimes with people who have been sexually harassed.

One afternoon I asked my grandmother how does she handle hearing their stories. She explained to me โ€œWell you..have to be strong mentally and have an open ear.โ€ That was an eye opening experience.

According to http://www.usnews.com "22.7 percent of Sexual harassment took place in hallways and 21.4 % took place in classrooms and 13% took place in school gyms also 9.7 % took place in school lockers.'' I felt like we could do more to protect children and teens from sexual harassment.

 According to U. S. News, Dorothy Espelage principal investigator of the study and a professor of educational psychology, states that "Hallways made sense. Even the gym made sense," "the classroom was very surprising to our team."We need to protect children and teens from sexual harassment. It can also have negative consequences physically and mentally.