Wayne M. Massachusetts

Racial Profiling Current Issue

There has been multiple incidents about the white race towards the black race. Such as black people have been getting shot over getting pulled over by the race of white police officers

What is the reason that people do racial profiling and assume they are up to no good for the color of their skin and how they look.

I would like to talk about racial profiling because it is continuously spreading across the country. This is an epidemic that I think may not go away. Also it is important to me because most of the shootings have been towards my race which is black and also hispanic falls into the group in the eyes of white cops. It makes me think that if I was in the car with my dad driving somewhere is he going to get shot because of the color of his skin? That just makes me sad because one of the presidential candidates supports “ stop and frisk” which is resulting in death for the people of the black race. I just hate how this is now spreading across the country since this happened to Trayvon Martin. I really dislike how cops look at African Americans and suspect them of crimes. African American males, specifically, are targeted in a way that is patently unacceptable.

 For example, Trayvon Martin walked out of a convenience store with Skittles and a Arizona Iced Tea which is normal. Then, “ ” Zimmerman also described Martin as someone “up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something.” The dispatcher communicated to Zimmerman that the police did not need him to follow Martin, but Zimmerman, nevertheless, left his vehicle. He later said he had done so in order to ascertain his location by taking a closer look at a street sign “ from Britannica. This shows how he just assumed that Trayvon Martin was up to no good because of the color of his skin which is black. Also another example is, “Chief among these mechanisms, according to a new report from Yale University’s Child Study Center, are racial preconceptions that shape the way the teachers view black boys in particular.” This shows how people of the color white most of the time assume bad things about black people because of the color of their skin which makes me sad and angry because this is spreading across the country.

 I would like you to please make a difference because these actions are mostly happening to my race which is black and that makes me upset. It makes me feel like they don’t want black people to be a part of this country and you can tell because the actions that they are doing makes it look like they are trying to eliminate the black people. I think that whoever becomes president that they should discuss the topic first because this is one of the biggest topics that is happening all over the country. This is a major topic which I think might not end unless they discuss and talk about the topic right away. I also think that my parents hate this topic and talking about it because they know how it is terribly wrong but they don’t want to discuss it. 

Baker ELA


8th Grade

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