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Gun Violence

Gun Violence is way too common in the U.S we need to start taking action against this horrible problem

Dear Future president,

         I am writing to you about the horrible gun violence going on in this nation that needs to be stopped. Way too many people are dying because of the gun violence. My suggestion is you make getting a gun a little harder; you make a test you have to pass and every couple of years you have to pass that test again to be able to keep your gun/guns.

       Yes, I know the 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms, but does it give us the right to kill people”. No, that is why I think you should make a test for people to get the guns, and yes I know not everyone who has guns is going participate in gun violence, but if you aren’t and you want guns you should have no problems taking a little test to show you’re not going to go and kill people.

      According to the Brady campaign “ In one year 32,964 people will die from gun violence.” That is way too many people, also it isn’t just in one place it is happening all over the country and we need to stop the violence, and according to the stats on Gun Violence Archive “ The numbers in almost all of the versions of gun violence has raised.”

      My second reason is there has been already “about 280 mass shootings” according to Gun Violence Archive. That is why we should have a test because there are way too many mass shootings in this country.

     It is true that we won’t be able to stop gun violence completely, but we can at least reduce it to stop innocent people from getting killed. Also, sometimes after shootings, there are protests which lead to even more gun violence, and it’s just a downward spiral from there.

     According to “ the USA’s firearm-related homicide rate is the highest of any of the industrialized countries and 19.5 times high than rates in any other high-income countries.” We need to start acting like the great nation that we are. We need to move forward into the future, not backward.

     It is true that this statistic includes the people who were using it for protection and killed the other person, but that wouldn’t have happened if the other person hadn’t been attacking them.

    This is a very urgent matter. We need to solve these gun violence problems- if we are a high-incom, and industrialized country then we need to start acting like one. The test should have you pass a gun safety test and check your record. I know there is already a test, but it’s not doing very much to stop and violence and homicide. 


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