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Animal Cruelty

Controlling and educating the people on animal cruelty.

Dear Future President,

I strongly believe that animal cruelty is a large problem in our country. It is ignored much too often. Many people don’t know that there animal abuse laws because they are not heavily enforced. Animal cruelty is described by the Humane Society in 2 categories, deliberate and neglect. Deliberate is intentionally harming an animal. Neglect is not giving an animal necessary food, water, shelter, or vet care. This is just as bad as intentionally harming the animal because it is a prolonged thing. I am writing to you so that more people can be educated on the subject of animal cruelty.

Many people in the U.S. have animals of their own and know what animal cruelty is. They most likely don’t know who to call if they are witnessing it. According to Rescueink.org, the best thing for you to do when witnessing abuse is to call 911 and report it. Most people would call animal control to have them sent to a shelter with the typical outcome of euthanization of the animal, which is just as bad as the abuse itself.

Dogfighting is a type of abuse that is not always controlled, The Humane Society states that it is a felony in all 50 states to have a dogfight or bring a minor to dogfight as well as cockfights. These things may be felonies but if you are not caught, what’s the harm? Animals are often left fatally injured or left in the dirt to die. You always hear the stories of animals saving people’s lives and the connections we have with them, don’t you think it’s our turn to help them out?

Puppy mills are also an issue today, as they are not as well regulated as they should be. They are often revealed after the damage has been done and there are hundreds of dogs with infections and many physical issues. According to Dosomething.org, many puppies from puppy mills have swollen paws, ear infections, tooth decay, and are often severely malnourished. Dogs are not the only animals affected by neglect, though.

You may say that animals are just here for us to do work or protect us. In the long run you can form a relationship with your animals if you try. Animals help us in many ways like the K9 police, and farm animals like cows that give us milk and cheese, but we need to be able to make sure they are being treated like they deserve. According to agcensus.com, there are almost 2.1 million farms that provide for the U.S. each year.

In conclusion, I want you to be aware of the issues that matter to me in our world today. Animal cruelty is a horrible thing. I have many animals myself that I could never think of harming but many people in the world today would do such a horrible thing. Not all abused animals are saved in the end. I’m hoping that you can change this for us and the animals we hold so dearly in our hearts. Good luck on your years in office.



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