Ari D. Michigan

Antisemitism is on the rise

Antisemitism is increasing in America and around the world and it is creating a major problem in schools, businesses, and anywhere else.

Dear Next President,

Anti semitism in America is on the rise and at times it has gotten out of hand. There are too many people being bullied and teased just for what they believe in. There needs to be a way to stop this from happening so everyone in America can live with freedom.

In my own life I’ve heard people say that they have had times where anti semitic jokes were aimed at them. Sometimes they’re jokes but sometimes they are not and it can get out of hands. There seems to be a lack of attention for this situation and that's a problem because I as well as other people have had this happen and it’s a problem. This one time I was at a football game and some people knew that I was jewish and they walked up to me and started making a bunch of anti semitic jokes and at first I wasn’t bothered by it but later I was. For example The World Post Article called, “ Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe” states that anti semitism is rising and is creating a problem in our country and world wide. Throughout my life I have heard some pretty horrible anti semitic jokes and like I said before it gets out of hands and there needs to be a solution.

Anti semitism wasn’t really looked as a problem until WWII/Holocaust happened. Anti semitism started a long time ago in Ancient Egypt where the jewish people were slaves for thousands of years. It wasn’t really thought as a problem until 1933 when the Holocaust began and this 12 year massacre killed over 6 million jewish people. These innocent 4 million men, 2 million women, and 1 million children were shot, slaughtered, and tortured because of one thing, their religion. Even though the Holocaust happened mainly in Europe America had a part of being slightly anti semitic. An example is that America would not let jewish people come to America because they were afraid of them or that they were going to do something.Also America knew what was going on for a couple of years but they didn’t do anything to help. At some point anti semitism needs to come to an end and I believe you can do something about that.

Many jewish people have had this happen to them in their life and you as the president of the United States of America, the land of the free, needs to find a solution for this. A solution that makes everyone happy and doesn’t make anyone feel not wanted or mistreated. Something that will really change America for the better. Now Mr/Mrs.President you have received this job for a reason to protect the people of America so here’s one task for you.

Thank you,

Ari D.

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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