Kevin R. California

Racism's Impact on America

Racism has been an issue for a while and it needs some addressing as well as minor adjustments.

Dear Future President,

As of October 24, 2016, there have been quite a few events unfolding that have been damaging our nation. In 2015, the amount of unarmed African Americans killed were nearly five times the amount of all other races being killed from police. Events such as these damage our nation steadily and creates a negative perception of African Americans. On July 7th, 2016 several African Americans targeted specifically White police officers after a peaceful parade in Dallas. Five police officers were killed, and five were injured. This is another reason/view of how racism is tearing our country apart. I would like our president to prevent situations such as these to keep the people of America safe. A way to go about handling this could be through strengthening our gun laws, or preparing our police to handle situations like racist attacks. Racism is a term that is being used very loosely everyday.

Racism occurs on a day to day basis, almost everywhere on earth. In certain countries such as Russia, United States, and Germany who dislike certain ethnicities if you have a particular skin color or religion you would be disregarded from others which is unjustified. When I was 8 years old, I went to San Francisco, and my family wanted to dine in an Asian restaurant. After entering we were shown a sign which stated, “Asian Americans Only.” The owner who approved the sign was discriminating all races besides Asians, and Asian Americans to dine in a city that is diverse. I wasn’t very upset over the dilemma because I was young and had a poor understanding at the time. My family later went to a pizzeria to dine which was a very pleasant experience.

My encounter in San Francisco was small, but there are people who deal with bigger problems, because of their race. We need to make changes to handle horrible situations such as the ones I have stated which resulted in fatalities. I hope you the President of the United States would go about handling these situations to the best of your abilities and to promise the people of the United States racial equality for all and not just one group or groups of people.

Sincerely, Kevin

Santa Clara High School

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