Laila H. Louisiana


There has been many shootings lately dealing with white policeman and African American people. There needs to be something done about this. A lot of the people are saying its because of racism. Can you put a stop to it?

Dear Candidate,

  I'm pretty sure you've been informed about the shootings going on lately. It's been crazy because a lot of them have been dealing with these white policemen and African American people. There are people in these different towns and cities having riots because the people getting killed are getting no justice. I don't think its fair at all in any kind of way. There really needs to be something done about this as soon as possible. I think our policemen need better training, different and improved weapons ,and better attitudes and how they treat people.

   I think our policemen need better training because a lot of policemen are getting scared when there in a situation dealing with African American people. I also say they need different and improved weapons because when some of the policemen panic they automatically shoot and kill or seriously injure the person. They need weapons that can just tranquilize the person for a certain period of time. The policemen also need to watch there attitudes and how they treat people. They expect to be able too holler and cuss at a person when they haven't even done anything and them not do something about it. It really breaks my heart to hear how these policemen are treating these elderly people. It's just not right at all!

  I'm not saying all policemen are like this towards African American people. I have to say though that the majority of them are. It would really be appreciated if you do something about it.  Whoever it is that becomes President, I'm expecting  some change in this world.


                                                                                                               Laila Hood

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