Andres R. California

Less Gun Control

Its time for less gun control for more protection in house

 Dear Future President,

Something you can do so people get help is less gun control so they have less problems dealing with burglars. Less gun is better because there's more problems in the U.S. with the burglars and the clowns running around cities and neighborhoods. I think less gun control is better so more people have guns in their houses and can have more protection against burglars.

If you do less gun control people will have protection for example what if a family was asleep and their was a burglar, then the family woke up because they heard something fall, Then they take the gun out of under bed and quietly goes down stairs and looks around and finally sees the burglar and he aims at the burglar and the burglar will get scared and put won’t do anything and then they will call the cops and he will get arrested. That’s why I want you to please get rid of some gun laws and only let them have them in their house and not carrying them so people won't have to die anymore. One law that you should take off on all the states is to let people purchase weapons. That is all thank you for reading my letter.


 Andres R

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 6

This class is Ms. Woods's sixth period language arts class.

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