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 Dear next president

I think that you should support our second amendment rights because it was second most important thing in the bill of rights. If you changed this you would be changing the building block of this country and if you changed it you would be going against our founding fathers. Also having guns is a good thing because people hunt and get food with them and they can also be used for self defence if someone can't defend themselves. Banning guns because people have been killed by other people and blaming the is not logical because the gun does not kill the person but the person holding the gun is the one that killed, but guns are not the only things that are involved in murders people can use a number of things to kill someone like a knife but I don’t see you outlawing knives or other things that people get killed with.

First guns are very important in my family because i do a lot of hunting in my spare time with my whole family, but it’s not just a big part of my life its also a big part of our community we even get out of school two days off school for opensession for deer and elk. According to Health Fitness Revolution shooting guns are a very good way to get ride is stress because it will help you build physical discipline, arm strength, focus, advances personal responsibility and many other things. Next if you were to outlaw guns for the basic population to try to bring down gun violence it would not help a lot because the criminals and other bad people would just get them illegally and does not really solve the problem of stopping gun related crime.

If you made it harder to get the guns by having more extensive background checks. Guns have always been kind of the building blocks of this country because we used them to take this country from the british forces in 1776.

In conclusion these are the reasons I think that we should not completely ban guns but there are things that we need to change things like more background checks and other forms and things that would make it harder to get guns.

Sincerely Mason H

Billings Public Library

TB - Billings, MT

TB - Billings, MT

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