Michael California


Trump wants to cut business tax rates to 15%

Dear Future President,

My name is Michael from Santa Clara, California. I’m a democrat. I believe in potential changes in this economy. We live in a world where it’s all based off of taxes and I’ve come from a diverse family where we are immigrants and minorities. My mom’s side is Hispanic and my dad’s side are Pacific Islanders. Growing up there were tough times among both my mom's and dad' sides. They would live on the cheapest foods like potatoes, rice, bread and noodles because these items were reasonable for costs. 

I watched the 3rd debate and democrats want to raise taxes and republicans want to lower taxes. Hillary’s plan is to cut taxes for the middle classes by ending housing crises on foreclosures and to freeze mortgage rates for at-risk homeowners. She also wants to wants to find solutions to our energy crisis and create 5 million new, good paying jobs. Unlike Trump, he wants to cut business rates to 15%, as well as reducing individual rates to three brackets of 12, 25 and 33%, with 0 percent for many. My personal take on the presidential election is that  either one is best fit for being the president of the United States because they both corrupt.


Michael Chung