Ashley Minnesota


Dear Next President, Deportation is being done unfairly it’s tearing families apart. Immigrants should not be sent back to their homeland. If they are trying to better themselves when they do not have criminal records, and or are the ones putting the food on the table for their family. Instead of sending immigrants back, you should make sure what the person’s background is like and check what reasons there are besides not being born In the U.S. Especially if they are trying to better themselves and make a brighter future for them and their family. With that said deportation is separating families and it needs to stop. According to a 2014 article “Deportation Separated Thousands Of U.S Children From Parents in 2013” Supports my opinion on why there should be more background checks instead of quickly deporting people just for not being born in the United states. “ The report provides no details about crimes that had been committed by parents who were deported” This is why I strongly feel something needs to be done about deportation and it isn’t something to be taken lightly when it’s about real people’s lives and families. According to a 2016 ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) ”Human rights and immigration” Numerous international human rights documents firmly establish the principle that no human can be ‘illegal’ or outside the protection of the law” therefor they don’t have a reason to deport if no human can be called “illegal” then that means they can’t be deported and they also have the protection of the law. Deportation is ripping innocent families apart. I feel deportation is more bad than good because of all the cases that have been reported about different families of various cultures that have been unfairly torn apart. An example of this unfair topic called deportation was a case with a family of four children whom are U.S citizens themselves, arrived home after school they found their father missing when later they got a call saying their father had been deported. This is honestly terrible. The Reason they deported him was he didn’t attend his ICE ( is an american federal law enforcement agency appointments) which was un fairly judged / untrue because him being a new single father was late to some of his appointments by a couple of minutes but was considered an absence. This is why deportation is unfair and isn’t being taken seriously and needs to start because families being torn apart isn’t to be taken so easily. Dear next future president, I would love to see some changes in regard to deportation. Instead of sending people back to their homeland, look into their cases in a deeper level. Discover if there is a need to deport people and if their record is clean and if they have U.S citizen children studying in the United states, let them stay here working hard to help their family get ahead in life. I know our community would greatly appreciate a change with deportation. Sincerely Ashley