Chaia California

Climate Change

Climate change is a serious issue and if we don't he on it now it might be too late.

Dear Future president,

I am writing to you because I believe the state of our environment is in great danger. We have a serious issue of climate change on our hands. By believing that climate change isn't really happening is ignoring te plain facts. 

  1. The polar ice caps are melting.
  2. Many places including California are in serious droughts because of the lack of rain caused by climate change.
  3. Many fish and other sea creatures are dying because of the waste that humans produce and mindlessly litter.

These are only some of the facts that are being blatantly ignored. By creating all this pollution through car exhaust, littering, and more we are harming not only animals but our own environment. This is not a topic that has gotten enough attention and needs to because it affects everyone. In 20 years our environment will be completely destroyed if we don't act now. 

Some ways in which people can help the cause are to drive less and make use of public transportation, make sure to throw away trash in it's given containers instead of littering, and take shorter showers so that we can save water.


Chaia Wyatt