jack Minnesota

Letter to President

Government has to stop taking property

Dear Next President,

The government has seized your father's house and steals all of those future memories for your children, so they can build a highway. The government has to stop taking people’s land. The government is taking all of our land to build houses or other thing and you don’t have a say in it.

I feel that the government is taking this way too far because they are taking all of our land just so they can build houses. My first piece of evidence is a quote According to Jim Ryun “ One would expect that private property would become land to the public use…. The government is manipulating the use of public land just to generate a greater tax revenue”. The reason that i feel strong about that is because we are paying tax money just so they can build houses for people.

I feel strongly about this quote because the government is using it for according to people who have lost land it should be useed for“private use and not for public use”. The reason I think this is a big part is because people who live where their is no place do stuff they put in a highway instead of putting in a park for the kid who live near where it is being build and having to go somewhere else for their kid to have fun outdoors.

Dear Next President I think that we should get rid of eminent domain because too many people have lost property due to this law that you made so you the government could build stuff on people's land. The people’s land that you take they have no say in how much you pay them because you tell them how much you are going to pay them for your land. What you the next president should do is make it to where you can’t just take everyone’s land and tell them that you have to leave so we can build a highway where your house is. Lastly you should let people know in advance so people have time to get ready to leave and not kick them out without having time to pack.



Grade 10

Mendota Heights