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Privacy from the NSA

Privacy from the NSA

Dear the Next President,

millions of Americans are concerned over how much power and surveillance the NSA really does, after Edward Snowden leaked the piles upon piles of documents on how the NSA was spying on all of us in ways we weren’t even aware of AND without permission or a reason. I also want to make it clear that I don’t want the NSA to be erased or no more, I was just hoping you could make restrictions to make sure they are only surveilling those who have given you a reason to, unlike now where it is everyone. I and many others were hoping you could crack down and no longer enable this abuse of power from the NSA.

I feel like my privacy is being invaded considering they could be watching me from my own computer. ACLU.org revealed that “While the FISA Amendments Act authorizes the government to target foreigners abroad, not Americans, it permits the government to collect Americans' communications with those foreign targets.” Meaning they can literally listen in on anyone even if you were born and raised in the US and that is deemed unconstitutional. This is breaking the rules of our country and honestly makes me lose trust for the NSA considering they were doing this behind our back. Something else that should be mentioned is that this not only affects our privacy, but it can affect our economy. WIRED.com has revealed “Economic losses to US businesses due to lost sales and declining customer trust.” which mean things like google and other services related to it are losing business around the world AND the US due to the fear being spied on, this is affecting our economy in a negative way.

So dear Next President, I was really hoping you could somehow make sure this doesn’t happen again and make it so the NSA can’t spy on us whenever without a justifiable reason. Also I don’t want to get rid of the NSA, I just don’t want them abusing their power.



Tenth grade