Alexa Minnesota

Gun control

There should be more gun control

Dear, President

I think there are a lot of people with guns, but can we really trust them with guns? I think there should be more restrictions with guns and who can get one. Lately there has been a lot of shootings and there has been people killed because the wrong people had guns.

Many people die because of shootings each year, women, men and children. According to the American Medical Association in 2016 “approximately 30,000 men ,and women and children are dying each year at the barrel of a gun” If 30,000 people are dying from guns each year then we should start making more restrictions or background checks on the people that are buying them because there shouldn't be that many people dead because of that person.

Because we don't have more background checks on gun buyers more people are getting guns and we don't know if they are trustworthy enough to have a gun. According to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence in 2015, “approximately 40% of gun sales are made without any background check giving convicted felons access to firearms”. I think if almost half of the sales go to people that didn't get a background checks. There is a big risk that those people may be felons and can't be trusted, because we don't know if that person would use the gun for hunting or if he's planning on doing a shooting somewhere. So I think that everyone who wants to get a gun needs to go through a background check or need a license or something that will make it harder for felons to get guns.

Dear president that's why I think there should be more gun control because there are people dying because we didn't do good enough background checks on the people. There should also be an enforcement on felons or unauthorized people that purchase guns illegally. People that are using the gun appropriately should be able to own one. Having greater enforcement on guns will probably help stop big shootings and will result in less people dying.