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Getting deported = families getting taken away

This letter tells about how kids are getting taken away from their immigrant family. And how getting deported is not the the solution.

In our country there are a lot of hard working  immigrant  families that are just trying to get a better future for them, but the taxes and very little income makes it difficult for them. But that is just a little of a lot of problems the families have, they also have to be careful for getting deported.  

if a couple gets deported not only they are being hurt but if they have kids they are going to be even more hurt and maybe the kids run away from their home, and some maybe are going to go through a ruff depression. Kids can even get so depressed that they can get at a level that they even think of killing them selves. my family knew this kid that his dad got deported back to mexico and he would ask his mom were his dad was and there was no answer but as soon as he found out he started to get sad and mad and then he thought of ending his life because he thought he was going to grow up with out a father.

I'm an 8th grader of  Mckinley Institute of Technology and i want the future president to think a lot about this topic and help hard working families on their future, by helping them get better jobs and let know that they don't have to worry about getting deported anymore.